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Engineering services

Authorisation processes for photovoltaic plants

We take care of all essential project authorization phases, by managing the construction process and supervising the execution. Our expertise encompasses:

  • Drawing up the project business plan;
  • In-depth assessment of the construction site;
  • Detailed civil, electrical and mechanical design;
  • Construction site management, which includes continuous supervision, project reviews, careful verification of materials and suppliers, as well as ensuring site safety.

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Our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of the construction process is handled with professionalism and attention to detail, contributing to the overall project success.

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Asset management


We analyse and optimise all technical and regulatory aspects in order to increase and optimise the efficiency of the photovoltaic system:

  • Plant performance optimisation
  • Instrumental tests
  • Electrical and structural design verification
  • Project and authorisation documentation verification
  • Safety regulation verification
  • Maintenance verification and schedule
  • Remote plant monitoring